How to collect my breast milk sample

Collecting a breast milk sample for your EverlyWell test kit is simple. Please note that if you take fish oil supplements, you should collect your sample before you take your supplements for the day

Step 1: In the morning, pump or collect a milk sample into a container of your choosing.

Step 2: Open the collection card cover and fold back from the collection card. There may be a slight pink discoloration on the collection card, which is normal.

Step 3: Using the pipette provided, transfer 1-2 drops of milk onto the collection card within the dotted circle.

Step 4: Keep card open, allowing the sample to dry for 30 minutes. Place into the biohazard bag.


Place your sample back into the box. Send the box back in the return envelope using the shipping label provided (located at the bottom of the box). Send back your sample using the shipping carrier listed on your return label.

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