What is the difference between casein and whey?

Although we measure cow's milk on the Food Sensitivity test, casein and whey are measured on the Food Sensitivity Expansion test. The importance of each is described below.

There are two major proteins in milk: casein and whey. While both of these proteins are broken down to amino acids that our body uses as building blocks for other things, there is one big difference between them. Whey is rapidly digested and broken down to its amino acids, while casein is broken down and digested much slower. Whey is often associated with protein building while casein is associated with protein balance – our body needs both to make sure we are not breaking down more proteins that we are creating. For individuals who had a low reactivity to casein previously but still had symptoms after drinking cow’s milk, they may have assumed they were lactose intolerant. Now, they may be able to find out it was actually the whey they were reacting towards. 

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