How do I collect my COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit sample from home?

Like our other products, the Everlywell COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit will come with everything you need to collect a sample at home (generally in five minutes or less) and safely ship your sample to a CLIA-certified laboratory.

You will use the provided materials to collect a lower nasal sample using a swab. The swab tip does not need to be inserted far—only about an inch into the front part of your nostril. Please refer to our video and print instructions for more information.

In order to get your sample to our labs as quickly as possible, we provide a prepaid UPS shipping label. We strongly recommend that you deposit your sample in a UPS drop box before the last pick up of the day. Additionally, UPS drop boxes do not operate on weekends.

Customers who do not use a dropbox or deposit their sample on the weekend may experience a delay in shipping which can result in delayed results or sample expiration. You can find dropbox locations on the UPS website.


  • The swab is not in the tube with the saline solution.
  • The tube is not sealed and in the biohazard bag.
  • The kit is not registered or if the ID sticker is not filled out and affixed to your sample tube.
  • The sample is mailed on Saturday or Sunday, or after the last pickup of the day. Do not deliver your test sample to a dropbox on the weekend.
  • The sample is scheduled for UPS pickup or is dropped off at a store location.
  • The sample expires before the lab is able to process it (5-7 days from collection).

Results are typically available within 24-72 hours after the lab begins processing the sample. All labs processing COVID-19 tests are operating Monday-Saturday. You will receive an email when your results are ready.

You can find more information on our blog as well as safety tips for COVID-19 prevention and treatment here.