Why should I trust an Everlywell result?

Multiple peer-reviewed publications, nationally and internationally, support the use of dried blood spot (DBS) and other self-collection methods like saliva, vaginal swab, urine, and stool for a variety of biomarkers, including but not limited to HIV, Hepatitis C, chlamydia, HPV, and cholesterol.

One of the best examples of the use of DBS is the heel prick used for Newborn Metabolic Screening tests, which are used to make important decisions regarding an infant's health. The stability of DBS has been shown to be adequate at ambient temperatures for many days and at controlled storage temperatures for years.

The accuracy of both DBS and self-collected results are congruent with clinically-collected samples. Everlywell has partnered with labs across the US who have validated all of the biomarkers we offer customers 1.) against traditional venipuncture and 2.) for self-collected DBS samples. That data is reviewed and approved by the certified Laboratory Director at each partner lab, the Everlywell Clinical Team, and our partner physician network’s medical team. 

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