Food Allergy Test Eligibility

Who should take this Food Allergy Test?

This test may be right for you if you:

  • Have experienced mild symptoms but haven’t been diagnosed with a food allergy
  • Have a parent or sibling who has a known allergic condition 

Who should not take this Food Allergy Test?

Food allergies can be a serious, life threatening condition. This test may not be right for you if you have ever had a severe allergic reaction to the food allergens in this panel, or if you are trying to determine whether you still have a known food allergy. This test should not be used in any type of food trial without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

A severe allergic reaction might include symptoms such as:

  • Tightening of your airways, wheezing, chest tightness, or being unable to breathe
  • Swollen lips, tongue, throat, or the sensation of a lump in your throat
  • Rapid pulse, dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting

If you have had a history of severe food allergies or need guidance on whether or not you still have a food allergy, please follow up with your healthcare provider who can evaluate your symptoms and help create a plan that’s right for you.

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