Understanding my HbA1c results

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Sugar circulating through the bloodstream binds to the surface protein HbA1c. The more sugar in the bloodstream, the higher the HbA1c level detected.

Normal HbA1c Levels

Most medical societies agree that a normal level for HbA1c should be between 4%-5.7% in individuals without diabetes. Levels between 5.7%-6.4% indicate that an individual is at risk for diabetes. A level of 6.5% or higher is an indication that an individual has diabetes. For individuals with a diagnosis of diabetes already, levels less than 7% are desired.

Elevated HbA1c Levels

As with all our tests, we encourage our customers to discuss any and all results with their health care providers. Please print off a provider copy of your HbA1c Test results if they are abnormal and have a discussion with your provider.

Microvascular Complications

Examples of microvascular complications that result from prolonged elevated sugar levels include problems with the retina in the eye, kidney disease, nerve damage, and circulation problems.

Note that our comprehensive Weight Care+ program pairs GLP-1 prescriptions with regular clinician care, lab testing, and support for related conditions such as diabetes.