Elimination Diet Coaching FAQs

Take action on your food sensitivity test results with an elimination diet developed by a registered dietitian, plus 1:1 health coach support to fit the diet to your lifestyle and monitor your progress. Click here to be redirected to the Elimination Diet Coaching details page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do I need to take a food sensitivity test before coaching?

While it is not required, we recommend you start by purchasing and getting results from either our Food Sensitivity Test or Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test. This will allow you and your health coach to personalize an elimination diet based on your test results. Your IgG reactivity results are intended to work in partnership with a temporary elimination diet. Once you see which foods cause the strongest immune responses, you can use that information to help guide your temporary elimination diet by choosing what foods to eliminate first. This helps take out the guesswork and makes it easier for you to figure out which food (or foods) might be causing your unwanted symptoms.

What sort of support can my health coach provide?

Your health coach will help you tailor our registered dietitian-developed two-part elimination diet protocol to your results. This helps get to the root causes of your symptoms and ensures that the new dietary options fit seamlessly into your life. You’ll have an initial session with your health coach to come up with a game plan. Then you’ll meet for two follow-up appointments to check in on your progress.

What symptoms can Elimination Diet Coaching help solve?

A two-part elimination diet may help resolve symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, and even headaches, if these symptoms were originally caused by immune reactions to foods in your diet.

Is Elimination Diet Coaching covered by insurance? 

This offering is cash pay only.

Is Elimination Diet Coaching FSA/HSA eligible?

The Everlywell Food Sensitivity and Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Tests are FSA/HSA eligible. Check with your FSA/HSA administrator to see if Elimination Diet Coaching is eligible.

Who is this coaching intended for?

  • This offering is intended for people who would like to understand their food-related symptoms. 
  • Please see "Who is this offering NOT intended for" to determine your eligibility for the offering.

Who is this coaching NOT intended for?

  • Individuals who are under 18 years old are not eligible for this offering.  
  • In addition, individuals who satisfy any of the following criteria are not eligible for this offering for medical reasons: 
      1. Pregnant individuals
      2. Individuals who are breastfeeding or providing bottled breast milk
      3. Individuals with a history of eating disorder diagnosis 
      4. Individuals with food allergies
      5. Individuals with existing diagnosis of chronic intestinal disease including celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, malabsorptive conditions, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis.
      6. Individuals with iron deficiency anemia
      7. Individuals undergoing active cancer treatment with chemotherapy or radiation
      8. Individuals with advanced kidney disease
      9. Individuals who have suffered heart Failure
  • Individuals experiencing the symptoms that are listed below are not eligible for this offering.  For these symptoms, we recommend consultation with a licensed healthcare professional: 
      1. Ongoing diarrhea or constipation (watery stools or more than three days between bowel movements)
      2. Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool
      3. Black stool
      4. Sensation of incomplete bowel emptying
      5. Persistent worrisome abdominal pain 
      6. Nausea and vomiting
      7. Unintended weight loss
      8. Fever
  • Individuals who are not eligible as described above should not purchase this offering.  If you purchase this offering despite not being eligible for it, you will not be permitted to proceed with the program and will be issued a refund by reaching out to contact@everlywell.com.

What is the Practice Better platform?

  • Practice Better is a 3rd party health platform used to facilitate your Elimination Diet Coaching program. 
  • After purchasing your program on Everlywell.com, you will be directed to enroll Practice Better where you can:
    1. Schedule and manage your appointments
    2. Complete your intake form
    3. Access your two-part elimination diet plan
    4. Message your health coach
    5. Upload and download important program documents
    6. Access your food journal and other support tools
  • There is no additional fee for accessing Practice Better as it is included as part of your Elimination Diet Coaching program.

How can I contact my assigned health coach?

  • Once you’ve scheduled your initial session in the Practice Better system, you will be assigned a dedicated health coach.
  • You can message with your assigned health coach at any time within Practice Better using their secure messaging tools.

How long will I have access to my Elimination Diet Coaching program?

  • Once you purchase your Elimination Diet Coaching program on Everlywell.com, you will activate your program by enrolling in the Practice Better platform - the health portal we use to facilitate our program.
  • Once you’ve enrolled in Practice Better, your program will begin and will remain active for 3 months, during which time you will have access to program resources, scheduling appointments and messaging with your health coach.
  • 3 months after your enrollment, your program will expire and you will no longer have access to the Practice Better platform or the above services, regardless of how many sessions you booked during that time.

What if my program expires before I’ve booked all of my sessions?

An extension to your program may be provided for extenuating circumstances. 

    • If you failed to book any sessions after enrolling, please contact our Customer Experience team at contact@everlywell.com for a one-time, 90 day program extension.

Appointment cancellations and no-show policy

Please notify us at least 24 hours prior if you wish to cancel or reschedule your next session. If you do not reschedule your session before the end of your 90 day program, you will lose the ability to have that session.

Refund Policy

The Everlywell Elimination Diet Coaching program is a one-time purchase for a 90 day program. It will be valid for 12 months after purchase, meaning you will have 12 months to activate your program by enrolling in the Practice Better platform. In certain extenuating circumstances, we will offer a refund.

    1. If you have purchased the program by mistake and have not yet enrolled in the Practice Better Platform, you may cancel immediately within one week of purchase for a full refund.
    2. If you have enrolled in the Practice Better platform, but have not yet had a 1:1 health coach session and would like to request an extension to your program, please contact our Customer Experience team at contact@everlywell.com
    3. If you have enrolled in the Practice Better platform and have already had one of your health coach sessions, you will not be eligible for a refund.