How to collect a vaginal swab sample

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Please do not perform collection while currently taking antibiotics or within 7 days of taking antibiotics unless the vaginal sample is for the HPV Test. Do not pour the preservative out of the tube. Wait 24 hours after intercourse and do not collect while menstruating.

Step 1: Open the vaginal swab packet.

Step 2: Place the Kit ID sticker on the tube.

Step 3: Collect your vaginal swab sample by inserting the swab (cotton tip) into the vaginal canal and gently swirl for 30 seconds. 

Step 4: Place the swab into the tube (cotton tip downward) and break the wand at the perforated line, leaving the swab tip in the tube. Then tightly seal the cap.

Step 5: Place the vaginal swab sample inside the biohazard bag with the absorbent sheet.

If your test requires a blood sample in addition to a vaginal swab sample, please follow the instructions inside the test kit or you can watch the dried blood spot collection video here.

To return your sample, locate the return envelope and shipping label at the bottom of the box. Place the biohazard bag with your sample back into the box for extra protection during transit. Then place the box inside the return envelope and apply the shipping label to the outside. Send back your sample using the shipping carrier listed on your label. It is recommended that you send your sample back right away.

If you require additional materials or assistance with your collection, please contact our Customer Experience Team.