Everlywell Refund, Cancellation and Replacement Policy

The following policy applies for purchases made through Everlywell.com. If you purchased your Everlywell kit at Amazon or another authorized retailer, please speak with a representative from the original place of purchase as Everlywell must adhere to their policies and procedures. Kits purchased through an unauthorized reseller are not eligible for any refund, cancellation, or replacement. In order to be eligible for a refund, cancellation, or replacement from purchases made on everlywell.com, customers must provide proof of purchase.

Important to note: 

  • If you purchased a COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC or a COVID-19 rapid antigen test, all sales are final. Please contact customer care in the event of device malfunction or invalid results.

For prompt service, please email our Customer Care Team and provide your order number for any request for the following:

  • If your order has not shipped, you are eligible for a 100% refund of your Everlywell.com order, excluding COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC or a COVID-19 rapid antigen test.
  • If it has been 30 days or less since you've placed your order, you are eligible for a full refund less $15 USD (or $28 USD for expedited shipping) per test kit to cover shipping, handling, and processing fees. Please include your Kit ID information when you contact us. 
  • Orders over 30 days old and orders where results have been released are not eligible for any refund.
  • In all cases, Everlywell cannot accept returned/unused kits. If you received your order and do not wish to continue with the test, we ask that you dispose of the kit.  
  • If you've purchased a bundle of kits for a discounted rate and are no longer interested in one or more of the kits, we're happy to honor a refund based on the above guidelines. Discounts that are made available through the purchase of multiple kits will not reflect in any refunds that are completed by Everlywell.

All test kits must be registered and returned to the lab within 5 months of purchase. In addition, unregistered kits expire after 3 months. Any samples that are delivered to the lab after this time will not be processed. We are unable to provide a replacement kit due to expiration.

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