Women's Health Collection Tips

When should I collect?

There are two collection times:

  1. Blood sample collection on day 3-4
  2. Saliva and blood sample collection days 19-21 and saliva collection (4 collections throughout the day)
    • Saliva 1 (large tube)- first thing in the morning within 30 minutes of waking, no drinks or food
    • Saliva 2 (small tube)- noon before lunch
    • Saliva 3 (small tube)- before dinner
    • Saliva 4 (small tube)- before bed

When Should I Collect if I:

Have a short cycle?

Women who have short cycles should collect their second sample a couple of days prior to when bleeding starts. For example, someone with 14-day cycles should collect on day 12 of her cycle.

Have a long cycle?

Women who have long cycles should collect their second sample on day 19-21 OR day 19 to 5 days prior to when the next period is expected. For example, someone with 35-day cycles should do the second collection between days 19-25.

Have spotting during my cycle?

Women who have spotting during their cycles should still collect a sample between day 19-21 of their cycle.

Have an irregular cycle?

Women who have completely irregular or unpredictable menstrual cycles can collect any day they are not bleeding.

Women who have slightly irregular cycle should wait for their next period to do a collection, and then do the first collection on day 3-4 and the second collection on day 19-21 of their cycle.

Have no cycle?

Women who do not have a menstrual cycle can collect all of their samples on the same day. This would include women with a hysterectomy, amenorrhea, or uterine/endometrial ablation.

Common Collection Questions:

Does it matter if I do the second collection first?

Yes. You should collect the day 3 samples first to avoid sample expiration. That means you should wait until your next cycle begins (first day of bleeding) and collect the first blood card on day 3-4. Make sure to properly label the samples with the date of collection to make sure that the sample is correctly tied to the timing of your cycle. Also, include the start date of your cycle pertaining to Day 3 collection (Day 1 = first day of period for that month) on the lab form.

Oh no! I forgot to collect all of my saliva samples at the right time/on the same day!

Don’t worry, just rinse out your saliva sample with water and then re-collect your sample tomorrow. If today was day 21 of your cycle, it will be fine to collect your sample on day 22.

I collected my first sample, but completely forgot to collect the second sample this cycle!

If today is Day 21 of your cycle, it will be okay to collect on Day 22. However, if you have completely missed this collection window please Do Not collect the rest of the sample and reach out to the customer care team who will assist you with the rest of your collection.