Will I get accurate results if I am on Oral Contraceptives or Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Your results will accurately reflect your hormone levels on your current medications. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy impact your hormone levels (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, FSH, LH), so your results will be different than what you would see if you were not taking these medications.

Please note that for the Ovarian Reserve Test and Perimenopause Test, we do not recommend collecting a sample if you currently take hormones of any kind, including oral contraceptives (as stated on the instructions). We do not recommend altering your hormone therapy without consulting your physician first. If discontinuing hormone therapy, we advise waiting for 6 weeks until collecting the sample. 

More information about medication use can be found here. Please contact our Customer Experience Team if you would like to inquire about a specific oral contraceptive or hormone replacement therapy. You may also wish to learn more about the Women's Health Test.